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Wish List Fills Urban Gaps

New Orleans remains peppered with vacant storefronts and folks who still need things. Designer, artist and urban planner, Candy Chang, created a participatory public art initiative which provided voice to residents – sharing thoughts about what they want and where they want it. I Wish This Was encourages locals to write their thoughts on fill-in-the-blank stickers and put them on abandoned buildings and beyond. A great way to spark conversations and nudge folks to imagine what their city could be.

Candy is a sassy, multi-discplinary player who has strung her projects across the globe from Nairobi to Finland, Brooklyn to Johannesburg. She’s got degrees in Architecture, Graphic Design and Urban Planning and has toiled for Nokia and the New York Times.

She’s devised some fab initiatives including a neighbourly post-it note exchange, a guide for street vendors in NYC and a spot of sidewalk psychiatry. More recently she co-founded Civic Center – a studio that creates projects which make cities more accessible and engaging.

Image (detail) of Candy by Randal Ford for Fast Company

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