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Indo-centric: Typo-centric

Earlier this year I spoke at the TypeShed 11 symposium here in Wellington, New Zealand which was a great opportunity to catch up with global type-obsessives I already knew and to meet some new ones. Though I always feel a bit out on a limb in such company as I’m no craftsperson when it comes to typography (having a short attention span for form) – but rather like to poke around the socio-cultural manifestations, functions and implications of type and type-making.

I spoke on Indian street graphics, touching on issues such as multiple language, globalised brands and competing technologies alongside the pervasive flamboyance of idiomatic typography in India.

You can download a summary of the presentation entitled Sign-wallahs: Indian Streetscape (2MB) that was published last year by the good folk at Lab Magazine or check some of my Indian street graphics collection on Flickr.

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