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A great visit to Christchurch last week to collaborate with Dorenda Britten of designindustry – a brilliant opportunity to orchestrate copy, perception and strategy in an inspirational setting.

Dorenda Britten brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in utilising design as a strategic tool – extending well beyond physical objects and visual communications to encompass wider applications in the service and system arenas. designindustry has worked with engineers, health professionals, government agencies, tertiary providers, manufacturing firms and technology companies to keep rational, analytical, creative and unconventional forces in balance – with a distinctly New Zealand focus.

Dorenda is well familiar with the principles of co-design and I was thrilled to discover that she has developed her own rigorous framework which encompasses them. Co-design is developmental process which shifts ownership and power in a practical, outcome-based platform. I’m especially interested to further explore the notion of the convergence of design and organisational processes – creating and strategising with rather than for clients – because it seems arrogant to assume a monopoly on good ideas.

A Selection of Case Studies of Co-Design:
with parents and teachers by IDEO
with youth by thinkpublic
with the Guardian Newpaper by Engine Group

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