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No longer patronisingly for ‘dummies’ – it’s a welcome relief to note the emerging host of savvy communications for clarifying complex information. These de-mystifying initiatives are not only potentially transformative but have implications of being powerfully inclusive as well.

First up: a timely animation explaining the Credit Crisis which is the result of “exploring the use of new media to make sense of a increasingly complex world” by Jonathan Jarvis over at the Art Centre College of Design in Pasedena. In fact it also shows up the failing of mainstream media to shine a clear light on this subject and raises the notion that they have then traded on the resulting confusion.

Xplane, the Visual Thinking Company who employ the method of visual collaboration and acknowledge that “effective communications… move people to action” have co-created a plethora of visual initiatives aiding understanding of complex information – rendering concepts like How Obama Reinvented Campaign Finance both palatable and digestable.


And on a topic dear to my heart: co-design. I’m over trying to bumble my way through explaining this concept to people and this beauty from thinkpublic does a great job. If this is combined with case studies from public & corporate arenas then one can easily begin grasp the concept. But hey – that’s another post!

Finally – if you’re still confused about Twitter: here it is in plain English and perhaps check out more humorous clarifications over at More New Math.

We increasingly need better filters for information (in both commercial and public spheres) and I’m a big fan of these being executed in a compelling way. If more people understand stuff surely we can expect better dialogue. And lets face it – life isn’t getting any easier – and attention spans certainly aren’t getting any longer.

[A nod to TBWA Media Arts Mondays over at PFSK]

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